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spike-triggered covariance (STC) analysis - matlab code

description: Simple demonstration of spike-triggered average and spike-triggered covariance calculations on a simulated LNP-neuron example. Performs optional whitening of stimulus statistics (i.e. for use with correlated stimuli) and ridge regression (i.e. regularization) .

version 1: code_stc_v1.tgz   (more info: README.txt)

for more info:
- Schwartz, O, Pillow, JW, Rust, NC, and Simoncelli, EP. (2006). Spike-triggered neural characterization. Journal of Vision, 6(4):484-507 (pdf)
- Simoncelli, EP, Paninski, L, Pillow, J, and Schwartz, O (2004). Characterization of neural responses with stochastic stimuli. In M Gazzaniga (ed.) The Cognitive Neurosciences, 3rd edition. MIT Press. (pdf)
See also: Bialek, W. and de Ruyter van Steveninck, R. (2005). Features and dimensions: Motion estimation in fly vision.

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