Sensation & Perception

(PSY 345 / NEU 325)
Spring 2015
Princeton University
instructor: Jonathan Pillow (pillow AT princeton)
AI: Gary Kane (gkane AT princeton)
time: Tues/Thurs 10-10:50 am
location: McDonnell A01
office hours:
Dr. Pillow: Tues 12-1pm (PNI 254), and by appt.
Gary: by appt. (and special hours during exam wk).
syllabus: syllabus.pdf
textbook: Sensation & Perception, 4th ed. Wolfe, Kluender, et al. Sinauer 2014
companion website:
Precept readings: readings
brief description: This course will provide an introduction to the scientific study of sensation and perception. We will undertake a detailed study of the major senses (vision, audition, touch, smell, taste), using insights and methods from a variety of disciplines (philosophy, physics, computer science, neuroscience, psychology). We will begin with a study of the physical basis for perceptual information (e.g., light, sound waves), and proceed to the biological, psychological,and computational processes by which such information is converted to percepts in the brain.
course schedule
DateTopic Reading Slides
Tues 2.03 Introduction lec01.pdf
Thur 2.05 Philosophical Intro & Methods Chap. 1 lec02.pdf
Tues 2.10 Weber's Law and Psychophysical Methods Chap. 1 lec03.pdf
Thur 2.12 Light, Optics & Early vision
Chap. 2 lec04.pdf
Tues 2.17 Retinal Organization and Receptive Fields Chap. 2 lec05.pdf
Thur 2.19 From retina, to LGN, to V1 Chap. 3 lec06.pdf
Tues 2.24 Visual processing in V1
Chap. 3 lec07.pdf
Thur 2.26 Object Vision Chap. 4 lec08.pdf
Tues 3.03 Color Vision I Chap. 5 lec09.pdf
Thur 3.05 Color Vision II Chap. 5 lec10.pdf
Tues 3.10 Exam #1
Thur 3.12 Color Constancy Chap. 5 lec11.pdf
Tues 3.17 spring break
Thur 3.19 spring break
Tues 3.24 Space & Depth Perception I Chap. 6 lec12.pdf
Thur 3.26 Space & Depth Perception II Chap. 6 lec13.pdf
Tues 3.31 Motion Perception Chap 8 lec14.pdf
Thur 4.02 Sound and Audition I Chap. 9 lec15.pdf
Tues 4.07 Sound and Audition II Chap. 9 lec16.pdf
Thur 4.09 Hearing in the Environment Chap. 10 lec17.pdf
Tues 4.14 Auditory Perception Chap. 10 lec18.pdf
Thur 4.16 Exam #2
Tues 4.21 Bayesian Theory of Perception
Thur 4.23 Somatosensation Chap. 13
Tues 4.28 Olfaction Chap. 14
Thur 4.30 Taste Chap. 15
Sat 5.16
Final Exam: 1:30pm, Frick B02

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