pillow lab @ princeton

neural coding & computation group

Matlab code

1. fastASD - fast, scalable estimation for high-D receptive fields via automatic smoothness determination (ASD). [zip | readme]
[relevant pub: Aoi M & Pillow JW, bioRxiv 2017]
2. GLMspiketraintutorial - tutorial code and slides from 2016 SFN short course on data science, illustrating basics of Gaussian and Poisson GLMs for spike train data. [zip | readme]
3. LNPfitting - maximum likelihood / maximally informative dimensions (MID) estimator for linear-nonlinear-Poisson (LNP) model [zip | readme].
[relevant pub: Williamson, Sahani & Pillow, PLoS Comp Biol 2015]
4. GLM dynamical behaviors - capturing repertoire of Izhikevich neuron
[relevant pub: Weber & Pillow, arxiv 2017]
5. StepRampMCMC - Model comparison for stepping and ramping spike train models
[relevant pub: Latimer et al, Science 2015]
6. Kalman filter for target tracking psychophysics - continuous psychophysics via target tracking
[relevant pub: Bonnen et al, Journal of Vision 2015]
7. neuroGLM - Poisson GLM for single-neuron trial-based data
[relevant pub: IM Park et al, Nat Neurosci 2014]
8. BinaryPursuitSpikeSorting - Binary Pursuit spike sorting for detecting synchronous and overlapping spikes
[relevant pub: Pillow et al, PLoS ONE 2013]
9. CDMentropy - entropy estimation for binary spike trains using centered-Dirichlet mixture (CDM) priors
[relevant pub: Archer et al NIPS 2013]
10. PYMentropy - entropy estimation for discrete distributions with unknown support using Pitman-Yor Mixture (PYM) prior
[relevant pub: Archer et al, NIPS 2012]
11. ALD - "automatic locality determination": receptive field estimation under localized priors
[relevant pub: M Park & Pillow, PLoS CB 2011]
12. GLMspiketools - multi-neuron Poisson GLM with spike-history and coupling
[relevant pub: Pillow et al, Nature 2008]
13. iSTAC - information-theoretic spike-triggered average & covariance for multi-filter LNP model
[relevant pub: Pillow & Simoncelli, J Vision 2006]
14. Generalized Integrate-and-Fire model - ML fitting of spike-response model to spike train data via Fokker-Planck
[relevant pub: Pillow et al, J Neurosci 2005]

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